Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm Back and More World Weary Than Ever!

 So I got back from my Jazzfest road trip last night and let me tell you right now, it was absolutely stupendous! (Actually it was more epic than stupendous but I don’t want to use the word epic because it gets thrown around way too much. But stupendous, no one says stupendous.  So by using the word stupendous I’m showing you how epic the trip was... you know this sounded funnier in my head, let's just move on).
The best part about the trip is that I have tons of awesome pictures to share with all of you. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of writing down all the cool stories that are behind the pictures. So I can’t share the awesome pictures with you right now.
So, you ask yourself, why are you wasting my time then? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because my friend and blog expert informed me that I should I try to post at least once a week so that people don’t forget about me and the wonderful things that I do. So with that in mind, I decided to provide links to a story I did last year that is similar, in a way, to my Jazzfest trip.  
   But before I get to that, I also wanted to share a brief humorous story that happened to me this morning. I was in the Vons parking lot, walking to the store. As I was walking, this beautiful woman came out of the store carrying bags of groceries.
            “Man, that chick is hot.” I thought to myself as she walked towards me. “ I wish I could just go up and talk to her. But what could I possible say to her? I don’t even know her. Woe is me!”
            And then, just as I was woeing myself, she tripped on a crack in the pavement and stumbled forward before catching herself and regaining her balance. She looked around and caught me smiling, she smiled back in embarrassment.   
            Awesome! I thought to myself. Now I have something to talk to her about! I have an in! I have an in!
            “You almost fell!” I said.
            She laughed. “I know! I can’t see the ground because of all of my bags. I have so many...”
            “Yeah, also you’re wearing high heels. That doesn’t help.”
I walked past her and enter the store. 
I hope she calls.

 Great story, right! It reminds me of the end of Dumb and Dumber when Harry and Lloyd tell the bikini models that they could find lotion boys at the next town… (I’m such an idiot).
 OK, now I have to go- Oh wait, before I go, I wanted to ask you all something. My cousin thinks that my design is flawed. He thinks the black background and white letters makes my blog hard to read. I’m not opposed to changing it, but I wanted to see if anyone else had thoughts on the matter. Anyone? Bueller? Mother? OK then, I’ll just go back to repeatedly clicking on the link to my blog in an effort to boost my numbers. Oh and here’s the link to that other story. Check it out! And if you’ve already read it then you are awesome and I love you. Now read it again!  

And if you don't have much time but love riots, just read this one!



  1. I think you should change the colors

  2. the white does look a bit fuzzy...but I don't know what you would change it to...I like the black background...I hope that is helpful. PS- I enjoyed that bit about the girl at Vons, next time offer to carry some of the many bags she was carrying and then tell her how hot she is, outload!

  3. Color is fine. Next time offer to walk her back to the car to make sure she doesn't trip. Do not carry her bags! if she trips you have every excuse to grab her tits. you are welcome.-Luke